Pedro Ramírez Vázquez


Pedro Ramírez Vázquez is regarded as one of the most well-respected cultural figures of the 20th century. With an architecture career spanning more than six decades, Ramírez Vázquez is responsible for designing some of the country’s most iconic modernist landmarks, including the Museum of Anthropology, the Basilica of Guadalupe and the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, as well as being the visual designer of the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico. Ramírez Vázquez dreamed of a modern Mexico and worked tirelessly to shape the city and the country through pioneering architecture and design. He believed in creating experiences, not just spaces, and that architecture was for the people, and not one person’s fame. The Ramírez Vázquez pieces manufactured by Luteca carry that philosophy and are meticulously handcrafted so that they can be enjoyed as enduring distillations of modernist Mexican design.