The TXT.05 –originally named in nahuatl, icpalli (seating)– is a handmade Tule seat, made through a complex process that requires complete mastery of the technique. 

TXT.05 is one of the unique objects that are still made with the same technology than in the pre-Columbian era, a powerful connection to the past. The forms of the  TXT. 01 hold a traditional DNA. Txt.ure has honed its style and scale to translate the icpalli into the contemporary design language.

Ideal for narrow transit spaces to amplify their limited use into welcoming and functional moments of these private environments.  

We suggest the Txt.05 to be placed as a Bed Foot bench, to warm up the most private spaces of the contemporary setting. 

Size H x W x D  16.5” x 51” x 18.5” / 42 x 130 x 47 cm

100 % Hand woven in Tule natural fiber, wooden frame.
Made in Mexico

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