The txt.03 revisits a Mexican folk classic, the Equipal chair. It is built from a 95% woven seagrass (Tule) natural fiber and a 5 % wood which provides longer support for the back rest. Its knotted architecture confers a powerful aesthetic that captivates the eye. The txt.03 is an original popular design, interpreted masterfully by our partner, Don Nacho Morales. txt.ure has only elevated the quality of the manufacturing process converting it as a signature piece of the Tule collection. 

Visual potence that accentuates any space. The txt.03 projects elegant proportions that subtly evoque the pre-Columbian era. The most confortable seating solution for in-out spaces. Enrich the experience with a pillow and natural fabrics on top to dress the space. 

Size Ø 25 x 31.5 inches  / Ø 64 x 77 cm 
95 % Hand woven in Tule natural fiber, 5 % wood.
Made in Mexico

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