Since founding the company in 2015, we have strived to produce the most beautiful, timeless and distinctive modern design from some of Mexico’s most talented designers.Contemporary, modernist or mid-century in style, all of our furniture shares one familiar aspect; it is inspired by rich layers of cultural legacies and deep Latin American heritage.  

Collaborating with the best craftsman both in America and Mexico, we are able to create furniture that mixes unexpected raw materials, technically advanced production processes and meticulous handcraftsmanship to produce pieces that are truly unique.

Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City by architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez



Luteca was founded by husband and wife team, Amanda and Sebastian Reant with a passion to highlight modernist and contemporary Mexican design. 

Wanting to build on Mexico’s illustrious design legacy, their goal is to pioneer beautiful and timeless modern pieces to a global audience. Uniquely, they strive to produce creations that stem from Mexico and Latin America's deep cultural heritage, designed by some of the best Mexican talent and concurrently infused with tenets of traditional craftsmanship.  

Although Luteca will continue to find and produce contemporary collectible pieces from Mexico’s design masters, they also want it to be a platform to showcase the work of Latin America’s most exciting young designers. This dynamic tension between past and present and unexpected mix of influences is just what the company is all about.

Amanda Reant

Sebastian Reant




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