By Alexander Díaz Andersson


This elegantly designed Octanov commode can stand alone in a room or against a wall. Formed of solid wood, it has two sliding doors with detailed cut-outs and a single shelf inside. Available with a bronze mirror back, it is suspended on tapered legs with a triangular support; typical of designer Alexander Andersson’s Scandinavian roots. The black painted front and edges and hand planed sloping top make it strikingly unique.



Materials and Finishes


Material: Walnut / Mahogany / Beech / Maple

Finish 1: Natural Oil / Dark Oil / Black Oil / Black Lacquer

Finish 2: Matte / Satin

Dimensions H x W x L


73 x 50 x 210 cm / 28.5” x 19.5” x 82.5”